Real-Estate Development

Sunglow Real-Estate is a leading real-estate enterprise of the fast-growing district of China, specializing in the grand large-scale real-estate projects of major sections of main economic cites in Shanghai District, Yangtze River Delta District, round Bohai Sea District and Northeast District.

It’s been 10 years of development since 1996. Over the past years, Sunglow Real-Estate keeps true to the development track featuring diversification, professionalization and branding. And based on the pioneering attitude of “make every building a landscape”, the development idea of “building classic in the world” and rich product development modes, Sunglow Real-Estate had not only created lots of classic quality projects, but upgraded the customer value with extraordinary high-quality service. And today, it has become a quality real-estate enterprise with numerous high-quality property services in many potential cities of China.