Medical Care & Retirement

Our nation is now facing the sever challenge of fast aging. To deal with this matter, the human-oriented New Hongqiao CCRC All-Age Retirement Community was established to the development of retirement industry. The retirement community is not only the key to adjusting the investment structure and promoting the economic transition, but a new lifestyle during the urbanization development.

To fulfill the goals of the 12th five-year plan, the three functional districts of Great Hongqiao, Great Zizhu and Great Pujiang were designed with northern, southern and east sections. By 2015, the fist patch of retirement communities would be built to provide professional retirement management, retirement facilities and designs and to complete the CCRC All-Age Retirement system, a system that is family-based, community-reliant and institution-supported.

We shall endeavor to create environmentally agreeable retirement communities, build a service system featuring caring service, and install facilities that guarantee health of the elderly, construct the most considerate and most comprehensive retirement house designs and set up the standards of Chinese all-age retirement communities.